Jun. 9th, 2009

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When you are in a line that says "8 items or less" that refers to 8 individual items not 8 types of items. So 8 cans of cat food + 7 other things actually = 15 items.
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I'm trying my hand at embroidery (again). Last summer I had transfered a few designs onto muslin with the idea that they would eventually become quilt squares. Somewhere along the line they got packed up and forgotten about. Well I rediscovered them and figured that this would be a good summer project...and hey...I already have all the supplies!

It's a nice break from the knitting...I just can't stay motivated to knit while it's hot. So far my first block is coming along nicely:


I made a couple mistakes but I don't think they would be noticed by anyone but me...so I'm not pointing them out. Since this is the first embroidery project I've ever done I'm not too worried about them though.

We shall see how this turns out. Unlike knitting it's a lot harder to take out your mistakes! Also it can be tricky sometimes to figure out which color you are supposed to be working in or how much detail you can get in a small space. Doing her eye was way tricky...but I think it came out ok. Though it goes much quicker than knitting which is also a bonus.


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