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So you remember me talking about the saga of the ripple afghan?

Well here is a picture of the old afghan o'doom:


For a better comparison on how freaking-rediculously-way-too-big it was here it is draped over my queen size bed:


You see on the lower right hand side how far it hangs over the edge? Yeah it was doing the same thing on the other side of the bed. I'm pretty sure it would have fit a california king if I had kept going. I remeasured it...it was 95" across. I have no idea what happened.

Now here is the progress on my afghan at a much more reasonable width:


I am now two stripes past where I was on the original afghan...and did that in four days of work. Where the old one had taken me a month of work.

Here is a close up and a better shot of the colors:

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So we are having a contest at work this month. Whomever has the highest PPC (piece per client) this month gets a $100 gift card to anywhere they want. Which means if I win I could totally (and finally) get my nintendo DS!

So I've been selling my little butt off at work....but....

If you are running low on product and thinking of buying something new.

Or if you already use Bumble and Bumble and need to restock.

Orrr...if you would like to try out the totally new, totally awesome Rudy's product line that we just launched.

Please, please, please come buy some product from me this month!!

You don't have to come in when I'm working but if I'm not there then make sure to tell the counter person that I recommended it to you before they ring it up so I get credit. If you need a recommendation I'll be more than happy to steer you to the product you need.

Also if you are someone that I can get a hold of easily I have no problem buying the product for you and delivering it to your home. :)

Oh and you should totally check out the new Rudy's shampoo, conditioner, bodywash and shave cream. I've been using them all this last week and they are pretty darn awesome (and trust me if I thought they sucked I'd in no way recommend them). And just so you know this isn't some product we bought made and slapped our name on. The owners were very hands on in creating a whole new product that they felt proud to sell and was a quality high end product at a cheaper price because thier is no middle man.

Come in! Buy Product!

You know your going to need it...
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Well all the blocking got finished drying just in time!

I know I said I wasn't going to do anymore gift knitting. So this year I only did one project (Hey I'm getting better) and made Jeff a hat and scarf set.

For the scarf I wanted something challenging enough to keep me interested in the project and yet not too fussy of a design. I picked the Triumph scarf because I love to cable and thought it was both intricate and sophisticated looking. Also he rides a triumph bonneville so he'll appreciate the reference.

Here is the scarf:

And a detail shot:

Pattern: Triumph Scarf by Smariek Knits
Yarn: Cascade 220, just over 2 skeins
Needles: Denise needles size 7
Pattern Notes: I made 23 repeats of the pattern and then did 8 more rows of the pattern so the design would look the same at both ends. Finished scarf after blocking aprox 76" long.

As for the hat I decided to go with a basic Seaman's Cap. It's a good all purpose cap and he's a sailor so it's fitting. He also likes to snowboard and this should keep him plenty warm!

Strait on:

Side view:

Pattern: Seaman's Cap by Needle Beetle
Yarn: Cascade 220, 1 skein
Needles: Denise Needles size 6 and 7, Clover Bamboo DPNs size 7
Pattern Notes: I made the hat exactly to pattern in the Large size. It fits just a bit loose on me so it should be perfect for him.

Now I may just go off and make myself that hat too....it is super warm and snuggly. I just hope he likes them. I'm apprehensive about making gifts for people because not everyone is appriciative of the actual work involved and it's just "oh...wow...a scarf". He's an artist though too so I'm taking a chance that he'll appreciate them.

Merry Christmas to all of you. Hope everyone else got thier holiday knitting/crafting done on time too.
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What song remindes you of me?

Leave me the name of the song and artist in the comments that makes you think of me when you here it.
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Buried @ Photocasket
Buried @ PhotoCasket

Thanks to our troops who have helped preserve the right for me to be the freak that I am.

Also mad props to anyone who can get up that early in the morning and actually be productive and/or possibly shot at. I know I couldn't do it.
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Your result for How good of a Calvinball player are you?...

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So here is a picture of the Best Necklace Ever:


And the close up shot:


Why yes, that is a hockey mask and a chainsaw on my necklace. It is the most amazingly awesome pendant I've ever seen. (Also the fact that it was under 10 bucks sure helps too.)

And yes, for you horror sticklers out there, a machete would be more accurate. Though I think the chainsaw looks better.

Oh and here is where Arwen decided her pirate hat should live when it's not on her head:


What can I say...makes sense to me.
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So you guys all know that I've been working hard at losing weight this last year. Overall I've been pretty sucessful. I've lost 48lbs so far and have been a little fustrated since I've been trying to hit the 50lb mark and I keep losing and gaining the same 2lbs. Just a bit of a platau I know, plus birthday cake and the state fair probrably didn't help this week...but so what...they only come around once a year.

Well while looking through some of my sisters pictures online I found this picture:


That is me last October pre-weight watchers.

This is me from two days ago:


Wow. What a differance almost a year makes.

So even though I'm not at my goal I'm still really proud that I've made it this far. I think this will help be the inspiration to help me get through my platau.

Though even though I'm tickled with looking better I'm even happier with how I feel. Less depressed, more energy, sleeping better.

Guess 48lbs really does make a differance huh?
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Victor Krum


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Percy Weasley

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Created by OnePlusYou - Free Dating Site

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Brought To You By Adult Toy Parties

Though I was kind of suprised that I actually have basically a 50/50 chance with elephants, wolves,tigers and lions.

I pretty much knew I was fucked when it came to alligators though...which is why I stay out of swamps.
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I started my CRW afghan on tuesday. I finished round one tuesday evening since I had the day off and went on a crochet binge:


The colors are a bit off in the picture since I took it at night. I wanted to keep going that evening but I also wanted to record my progress for my craft blog so I didn't feel like waiting until morning. The red is less orange than on the picture.

Now I'm on round 7 of section two. Arwen keeps telling me I'm making a pie.
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So after months and months of working on projects that just weren't working. Frogging, going back to the drawing board, hating and changing colors...

...I finally picked a project that I both loved and finished!

Here is my new crochet hook case:

This is it closed up:


Right side open:


The scissor case on is attached to the right flap. And that is a notions pocket in the lower left.

Left side open:


Pattern: Crochet Hook Caddy by Gourmet Crochet
Yarn: The colors are inspired by Alice in Wonderland. All of it is made out of Sugar and Cream cotton yarn except for the shell edging on the top flap, that was wool-ease in a sparkle white yarn.
Hooks: Susan Bates sizes G (for most) and D (to make the loops to hold the hooks)
Notions needed: 6 3/8th" buttons, some size 10 or size 3 crochet thread

I had a lot of fun making this project.
At first I thought this case was going to be too big. And while I though I would have liked it a little smaller I'm much happier with the way it turned out. It holds all of my crochet supplies, even the super huge hooks which usually wont fit into most crochet cases.

I'd definatly make this project again. (Actually I think I will be making it again since my Heatherann has been eyeing it since I started.)
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You are in a mall when zombies attack. You have:
1. One weapon
2. One song blasting on the speakers
3. One famous person to fight along side you.

1. Lochaber axe because it can be used both in close combat as well as a long range weapon. It isn't too heavy. You always run out of bullets before zombies.

2. Shoplifters of the World Unite - The Smiths

3. Ash. Duh.
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Oh and if anyone needs boxes just let me know. I still have a bunch from the move in various sizes. If you can come pick them up you can have them.
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Is it wrong that I mainly want a teapot so I have an excuse to make a tea cozy?


Apr. 15th, 2008 01:31 pm
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I need some plants for the house. Things that are easy and green. I know that I want a bamboo plant. I've been wanting one for a while and since they are supposed to be lucky to have in your home I figure it can't hurt. :) Also maybe a philodendron or some ivy. Anything that I don't have to worry about fussing over is good.

Speaking of plants....my dream for last night:

I was cleaning out my apartment and every time I'd clear out a pile of crap I'd find a potted plant that was almost dead. I'd water the plant and it would spring to life and get all full and pretty.

I figure it's not too bad of a dream.
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Anyone know if you can throw a scanner away...or is it one of those computer things that you have to take to a special recycle place?


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