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Well it's that time of year again. Time to look over last year, see what worked and what didn't, and make new goals for the new year. I don't make resolutions. I make goals. A resolution is a decision to do something or behave in a certain manner. A goal is an end to which effort is directed. So a resolution seems like a set up to fail (or at the very least be quite fustrated). You either actually do or behave how you decide or you don't. Where as with goals you are directing your efforts to a certain end. The reason I like goals is you never know where you will end up. Sometimes I am certain I know where I want to end up. Usually I'm suprised to find I'm somewhere completely different, but exactly where I am supposed to be.

I've been doing my usual looking over the last year which for me starts right after Christmas and finishes right about the New Year. Here is the general overview for last year:

-I had too much stress.
-I didn't feel like I accomplished much besides existing.
-My finances where a mess and/or I didn't feel like I had enough money to get the things we both want and need.
-I've let some friendships slide too much.
-I've been in a creative rut.

That's just a brief overview. I listed things out a bit more thoroughly on paper but you get the idea. So with all that in mind (and some soul searching) here is my goal list for 2007:

Goals for 2007

1. Be more organized. - Most of my stress of last year relates back to not being organized enough. From my home being a mess, to not pre-planning for birthdays or holidays, to not keeping a close enough eye on our budget. I've already made a bunch of headway on rectifying this. Most of this year will be cleaning, organizing, and figuring out what works and what doesn't for my family. So by the end of the year we will have a nice little groove to follow and keep going.

2.Keep in better contact with friends. - If you thought that we had a friendship and I fell off the face of the planet...I'm sorry. I kind of went into hermit mode last year. Partially I know why, and partially I don't. I do value my friends very, very much though. I think partially I've taken the contact I have with people through LJ for granted. So I plan on rekindling friendships and strengthening the ones I haven't let slide too badly. I want to write more letters, send more emails, and keep in touch better.

3.Start laying the foundations for a career in art. - I only had one dream career growning up and that was to be an artist. All through highschool I planned on going to either art school or getting a degree in fine arts. Basically what happened: my fear of failure kept me from doing anything about it. I love being a hairdresser but really...that's my job. Granted a job I really, really like but not something that I can be passionate about. So this year I want to start taking baby steps toward being a salable artist. I realize this goal is going to take some time. With the baby and Rob in school full time it just isn't something that I can lend enough time to right now. But what I really need is to find my artistic "voice" again. So the main goal for this year is just to create and find myself. Hopefully if things work out I can even take some classes too so that I can explore. I am also going to be posting more of my art online to get some feedback from others.

4. Put more money is savings. - Well that one is pretty self explanitory. :)

5. Write out my goals and regularly check my progress and update them as needed. - I didn't really accomplish much last year. One main reason I think is because it was the first year in a long time that I didn't actually write down any goals for 2006. It's kind of hard to accomplish anything without some sort of idea of where you want to go. I don't really have a problem with goal setting, so this goal is really a reminder to make sure I set them.

6. To have one "adventure" a month. - Just a time to go explore the city, state, or even my neighborhood and see something new. If your interested let me know...I'd love to have company.

7. Treat myself once a month. - I'm aweful at treating myself. I have a hard time spending money on myself and am too quick to not take time out for just me. I definatly plan on working on this, this year. Each month I want to find a small way to make myself feel special. I work hard...I deserve it! :)

That's it...my goal list for 2007. Let's see where this year takes me. :)
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Hope your New Years was safe and fun and the hangovers are minimal. :)


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