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Yesterday Arwen got a package in the mail from her Memere (my Mom). Inside were some Fancy Nancy first reader books, a DVD of Beatrix Potter stories done in ballet (actually from her Grand-Memere) and then this:


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This is a selection of D&D minitures that Rob owns:

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This is the Fisher-price Little People Farm that Arwen owns:

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It seems that yesterday some of the D&D minitures were gotten into by an Arwen. Here is the photographic evidence that Rob found after he relized she had been playing with his minitures:

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Miss Arwen is officially on the plane to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. *sigh*

The grandparents picked her up Saturday while I was at work. She hung out with them, her aunt, and cousins Sat and Sunday and now the whole group of them are off to Mexico for a week. She should be back on Tuesday Jan 16th. That means I wont see Arwen at all for 10 whole days! *big sigh*

I'm glad that she will get a chance to hang out with the grandparents for a week. They don't get to see her except for about once or twice a year. She will a have a blast and will probrably be way too spoiled for her own good once she gets home. But the house is way too quiet without her and I miss my baby hugs and kisses. The longest she's been gone before is four days...so I'm holding up pretty good so far. We shall see how I'm doing by day five though.

Thanks to the wonderful generosity of [livejournal.com profile] apostle for letting me use his washer and dryer and the wonderfulness of [livejournal.com profile] eckstacie for driving me around I have tons of clean clothes. The contractor for the building has told us that we should be getting our washer and dryer very soon. What very soon actually translates too seems to be questionable since we haven't had laundry in the building in over a month.

Last night I co-ordinated a bridal shower for my friend Rebekah at work. Suprisingly enough a group of hairdressers actually managed to keep the whole thing a suprise. She was totally delighted and loved it. (I knew she would) I'm so happy that it worked out she is such a great person. She is the type of person who would just give you anything you needed at a moments notice (and often does). So I really wanted to do something nice for her. The whole Rudy's staff met up at Wasabi Bistro in belltown. The food was yummy, the company great, and she got many nice gifts. Then a smaller group of us headed out to the Alibi room for a couple drinks. I had a great time too since it has been a while since I've hung out and had drinks. I guess that is what happens when you don't have a little one to wake you up at 6am the next day.

I also got my black redyed (yay!) and picked up some pink to freshen up my bangs (yay!). I can't wait to try out the pink ...apparently it glows under blacklight. (ooOOOooo) I may need to get a blacklight on a key chain for this. (hehe)

As for today I've already picked up the living room, cleaned the kitchen and payed bills. I suppose I'll do some more cleaning but I think I may go exploring for a bit. I've been wanting to check out Monkey Love Rubberstamps over in Queen Anne so I may just head out and do that. I may also work on some artwork later since I do have a disney themed ATC swap that I've signed up for that needs to be postmarked by Feb 1st. I have plenty of time but I don't want to wait till the last minute.

*sigh* I miss Arwen.


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