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I made it to Funky Monkey and it was quite cool. I didn't go too crazy and only picked up some stickers, a magazine, and some double sided tape (which I've been needing forever). I didn't feel like heading downtown and forgot the stuff I was supposed to bring for that errand anyway...so back home it is.

I thought about picking up my stuff and heading back out. But the idea of ordering lunch in, reading my magazine, and maybe making some art sounds much better than running around in the cold.

One problem:

I can't decide what to order for lunch!!

So please take a moment to help me out....I need all the help I can get I've already been staring at this menu for 20 minutes. I at least narrowed it down to four choices though.

[Poll #904335]

ETA: that second choice should read fettuccini. Ooops. Too bad I can't edit polls.
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It seems that Monkey Love Rubberstamps is closed on Monday. So I will try again on Wednesday to check them out.

Today wasn't a complete loss though.
I stopped by Twice Sold Tales while in Queen Anne and picked up a book called Colored Pencil for the Serious Beginner by Bet Borgeson. It's a really nice little book with a lot of information on technique both in basic art and the colored pencil medium.

Then I went over to Mullady's for lunch to try them out since they are only a block from my house. I had a quite yummy turkey club with a cup of tomato vegetable soup. It was really good and a resonable price.

Now I'm going to use my book and go play around with colored pencils.


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