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I shake my fist at you [livejournal.com profile] synabetic for posting a link to this game that is the crack! Really I say click that link at your own peril. If you have to get anything done in the next two hours I wouldn't click on it at all. However if you have time to kill/don't care about your job/or want to play a really fun little web game go for it. Though you have been warned.

I was up untill 4:30 in the morning playing that silly game last night. Mainly because I was in a major campain that took me over two hours to beat the game. It was not for nothing though cause look at this:

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Ta da! I was in the top 10 on the leader board once I got done. Whoot!

1. Yes. I know this is pathetic.
2. I did cheat a little by researching strategy guides of other players to get ideas. However I did modify them a bit and may try and modify them some more. The final couple rounds I had about 200 cannons on the board. I think I could scale back a bit or change my strategy and still get my score over 200k.
3. Pathetic as it is I'm never in the top 10 on online game leader boards. Hell I'm usually never in the top 1000. So whatever I'm pleased.
4. Yes. I still know that this is pathetic.
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This is a selection of D&D minitures that Rob owns:

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This is the Fisher-price Little People Farm that Arwen owns:

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It seems that yesterday some of the D&D minitures were gotten into by an Arwen. Here is the photographic evidence that Rob found after he relized she had been playing with his minitures:

Click here for the pictures )


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