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I'm just curious to see around how much other people spend on groceries for their families. I know that I have a skewed sense of how much food should cost since I spent most of my 20's in the restaurant field and my ex-husband was a line cook. I never really had to go grocery shopping because we both had food tabs at work. When I was single and not working restaurants I found it was actually cheaper to eat out and make two meals out of the leftovers than it was too cook at home most of the time. (Cooking for one is never easy)

Rob and I are always debating how much money should be spent on the food bill. I tend to think it should be no more than $50 for a week...Rob thinks I'm nuts. We usually spend about $60-$80 but we also eat out at least a couple lunches a week too. Honestly I have no idea what is considered a "normal" amount to spend on groceries. Which makes it frustrating to figure out our food budget in relation to our overall budget.

So out of curiosity I made this poll:

[Poll #968899]
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I made it to Funky Monkey and it was quite cool. I didn't go too crazy and only picked up some stickers, a magazine, and some double sided tape (which I've been needing forever). I didn't feel like heading downtown and forgot the stuff I was supposed to bring for that errand anyway...so back home it is.

I thought about picking up my stuff and heading back out. But the idea of ordering lunch in, reading my magazine, and maybe making some art sounds much better than running around in the cold.

One problem:

I can't decide what to order for lunch!!

So please take a moment to help me out....I need all the help I can get I've already been staring at this menu for 20 minutes. I at least narrowed it down to four choices though.

[Poll #904335]

ETA: that second choice should read fettuccini. Ooops. Too bad I can't edit polls.


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