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So you guys all know that I've been working hard at losing weight this last year. Overall I've been pretty sucessful. I've lost 48lbs so far and have been a little fustrated since I've been trying to hit the 50lb mark and I keep losing and gaining the same 2lbs. Just a bit of a platau I know, plus birthday cake and the state fair probrably didn't help this week...but so what...they only come around once a year.

Well while looking through some of my sisters pictures online I found this picture:


That is me last October pre-weight watchers.

This is me from two days ago:


Wow. What a differance almost a year makes.

So even though I'm not at my goal I'm still really proud that I've made it this far. I think this will help be the inspiration to help me get through my platau.

Though even though I'm tickled with looking better I'm even happier with how I feel. Less depressed, more energy, sleeping better.

Guess 48lbs really does make a differance huh?
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So I haven't told you guys how I'm doing for a little while...

As of today I've lost a total of 26.8 lbs! W00t!

I got a cool silver token as an award. It goes on my keychain that I got as an award last week for losing 10% of my starting weight. I should take a picture of my awards and show you guys.

I suppose at some point I should take a picture of me too for comparison.
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- I keep meaning to have a month where I make a post a day. This month I messed up by missing the very first day. *sigh* I'm not good at regular blogging...I think I just need to come to terms with this.

- So I joined Weight Watchers almost two weeks ago. I wasn't sure if I wanted to talk about it here...but I kind of do, kind of don't. So far I'm liking it though and I lost 3 lbs my first week. I will say I'm a lot more serious about getting in shape for once and for all. I'm just tired of not feeling as good as I can. I'm way too young to feel this crappy all the time. That and my Dad had to have surgery to get a blockage removed from his heart when he was only 52. I'd really rather not have that or a heart attack thank you very much.

- Apparently according to Puxatony Phil (our offical groundhog in the US for you Auzzie readers) their will be six more weeks of winter. So does that mean their is six more weeks of summer for the southern hemisphere?

My latest crochet project is my Ugly Granny afghan. I found a book back in Dec at Half Price Books not only for $3, not only of crochet and knitting patterns, but the best part is the copyright is 1977. It has the most fabulously aweful Granny Sampler afghan. I love it. So I'm making it. (Much to Rob's horror)

Here is the progress so far:

Ugly Granny

Isn't it wonderful? This is the center medallion part. There are all sorts of blocks that go all around this middle and then a border around the whole thing.

- The above picture is also one more painful reminder that I really, really, really need to get a new digital camera. Come on tax return!


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