Jan. 12th, 2009

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So we are having a contest at work this month. Whomever has the highest PPC (piece per client) this month gets a $100 gift card to anywhere they want. Which means if I win I could totally (and finally) get my nintendo DS!

So I've been selling my little butt off at work....but....

If you are running low on product and thinking of buying something new.

Or if you already use Bumble and Bumble and need to restock.

Orrr...if you would like to try out the totally new, totally awesome Rudy's product line that we just launched.

Please, please, please come buy some product from me this month!!

You don't have to come in when I'm working but if I'm not there then make sure to tell the counter person that I recommended it to you before they ring it up so I get credit. If you need a recommendation I'll be more than happy to steer you to the product you need.

Also if you are someone that I can get a hold of easily I have no problem buying the product for you and delivering it to your home. :)

Oh and you should totally check out the new Rudy's shampoo, conditioner, bodywash and shave cream. I've been using them all this last week and they are pretty darn awesome (and trust me if I thought they sucked I'd in no way recommend them). And just so you know this isn't some product we bought made and slapped our name on. The owners were very hands on in creating a whole new product that they felt proud to sell and was a quality high end product at a cheaper price because thier is no middle man.

Come in! Buy Product!

You know your going to need it...


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