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2010-06-26 08:23 pm
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More Proof I May be Crazy

In case you think I've given up knitting: I haven't. It is just slow going due to school. I try and knit a little here and there, plus some on the bus. My projects will get done...eventually.

So I decided that since my knitting time is precious that I should get the most out of my knitting and only work on projects that I truly enjoy with yarns that are worth it.

What I am currently working on is this:


It's called the Vernal Equinox Shawl (a free Ravelry library pattern)...which I fittingly started on the Vernal Equinox. I am using a yarn called Socrates (so I shall be even smarter while wearing this shawl)that is a dreamy blend of baby alpaca, merino wool, and bamboo. Even more shocking: it is not black, red, or grey.

This is my first full lace project. Oh I've started a couple lace scarves...but got bored because they were scarves and so they were frogged. So I had the concept of lace knitting down just hadn't completed any lace knitting. I am in love with lace knitting though. It's fun and engaging and much better than doing rows and rows of stockinette. I'm just over half done with the pattern so now that I'm not in school full time for summer I should be able to finish her up soon.

Now the crazy part is I think I picked out my next project: Wedding Ring Shawl

It is a Shetland lace shawl that is knit out of gossamer weight yarn (for the non-knitters gossamer weight is about the thickness of sewing thread). I have been looking at this shawl pattern for months and I think I'm actually crazy enough to attempt her. And not with any old yarn either...if I am going to drive myself that batty I'm using Cashsilk which is a cashmere/silk blend. I'm thinking if nothing else this shawl might be my knitting project for the rest of my college career.