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I've been doing some more research into vintage american Halloween decorating, party ideas and the like.

I came across a really awesome website Vintage Halloween Ideas which specializes in Halloween ideas, history and information from the 1890's - 1960's.

Now I did know that at the turn of the century through the 1940's fortune telling of some sort was a big party of Halloween parties. Never really taken seriously it was a fun and games sort of thing usually involved around match making or ways to forsee your future spouse.

Though I found this tidbit of info enlightening (taken from a 1940's party idea guide):

The best for mystic rites is the barn; second best is an attic full of shadows; third best is a cellar into which guests descend immediately after removing wraps; fourth best is large hall;
    lastly the kitchen.
If affair is held in barn, build a large bonfire in front for use of guests for after-supper sports. The place where the mysteries are performed should be decorated with gruesome things — jack-o'-lanterns, skulls and cross-bones, black draperies, witches made out of cardboard and suspended from the walls, cats, bats, owls, etc. The shades and spirits should flit about.

The kitchen? I get the barn, I get the attic, I agree the cellar would make a nice creepy place, a large hall...sure why not. The kitchen is next? Well I guess everything seems to gravitate thier anyways...might as well be where the spirits eventually end up too.
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