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Once upon a time I thought it would be cool to follow the traditional anniversary gift ideas for each year we are married. Then I looked them up and realize they are pretty lame. (Come on paper??) Even the "modern" gift ideas are pretty lame too (and seem to be on the take from the jewelry lobbyists). So I decided that the Anniversary gift list needed to be updated for the 21st century and decided to take it upon myself to complete this task. Don't worry about thanking me...I decided to be altruistic about it. (Though if you wanted to thank me I have a paypal account...just ask for the info...just kidding...maybe) Below is my list and if you want to know the reasons why the old lists suck and mine are much more awesome just click on the cut tags for the years you want. You know you want to know.

Anniversary Gift Idea List for the 21st Century Couple

1st Year: Traditional: Paper , Modern: Clocks , Mine: The Internet )

2nd Year: Traditional:Cotton, Modern:China , Mine:Ikea Shopping Spree )

3rd Year: Traditional:Leather ,Modern:Crystal/glass, Mine:Leather Sex Toys )

4th Year: Traditional:Fruit, Modern:Appliances ,Mine:Video Game Console )

5th Year: Traditional:Wood , Modern:Silverware , Mine: Couples Spa Day )

6th Year: Traditional:Candy/Iron, Modern:Wood , Mine:A Grill )

7th Year: Traditional:Wool, Modern:Desk sets, Mine:Plush bedding )

8th Year: Traditional:Bronze/Pottery , Modern:Linens/Lace, Mine:A Weekend Getaway )

9th Year: Traditional:Willow, Modern:Leather, Mine:More Sex Toys! Yay! )

10th Year: Traditional:Tin/aluminum, Modern:Diamonds, Mine:Las Vegas )

11th Year: Traditional:Steel, Modern:Fashion Jewelry, Mine:Gym Membership for Two )

12th Year: Traditional:Silk , Modern:Pearls , Mine:Tattoos )

13th Year: Traditional:Lace, Modern:Fur, Mine:Sharper Image shopping spree )


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