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I'm not sure if 2009 is the "Year of Knitting/Crocheting for Me" or the "Year of Knitting/Crocheting Up All My Stash"....but so far I haven't had to buy any yarn for projects. Hey works for me.

I've been needing a small rug for my kitchen and decided that I'll just whip one up myself:


And the detail shot:


Project Details:

Pattern:Check Pattern in Easy Rugs to Crochet by Leisure Arts
Yarn:Random red and white/ecru acrylics from my stash
Notes:I only did two repeats of rows 4-9 and rows 10-13 instead of three so that the squares would be more square. Cut fringe down to two inches and didn't add the extra fringe.

I love the way this came out. It was a super quick project that I did lazily in four days. My kitchen is red and white 50's themed so this rug fits in perfectly.
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So you remember me talking about the saga of the ripple afghan?

Well here is a picture of the old afghan o'doom:


For a better comparison on how freaking-rediculously-way-too-big it was here it is draped over my queen size bed:


You see on the lower right hand side how far it hangs over the edge? Yeah it was doing the same thing on the other side of the bed. I'm pretty sure it would have fit a california king if I had kept going. I remeasured it...it was 95" across. I have no idea what happened.

Now here is the progress on my afghan at a much more reasonable width:


I am now two stripes past where I was on the original afghan...and did that in four days of work. Where the old one had taken me a month of work.

Here is a close up and a better shot of the colors:

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I started my CRW afghan on tuesday. I finished round one tuesday evening since I had the day off and went on a crochet binge:


The colors are a bit off in the picture since I took it at night. I wanted to keep going that evening but I also wanted to record my progress for my craft blog so I didn't feel like waiting until morning. The red is less orange than on the picture.

Now I'm on round 7 of section two. Arwen keeps telling me I'm making a pie.
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So after months and months of working on projects that just weren't working. Frogging, going back to the drawing board, hating and changing colors...

...I finally picked a project that I both loved and finished!

Here is my new crochet hook case:

This is it closed up:


Right side open:


The scissor case on is attached to the right flap. And that is a notions pocket in the lower left.

Left side open:


Pattern: Crochet Hook Caddy by Gourmet Crochet
Yarn: The colors are inspired by Alice in Wonderland. All of it is made out of Sugar and Cream cotton yarn except for the shell edging on the top flap, that was wool-ease in a sparkle white yarn.
Hooks: Susan Bates sizes G (for most) and D (to make the loops to hold the hooks)
Notions needed: 6 3/8th" buttons, some size 10 or size 3 crochet thread

I had a lot of fun making this project.
At first I thought this case was going to be too big. And while I though I would have liked it a little smaller I'm much happier with the way it turned out. It holds all of my crochet supplies, even the super huge hooks which usually wont fit into most crochet cases.

I'd definatly make this project again. (Actually I think I will be making it again since my Heatherann has been eyeing it since I started.)
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- I keep meaning to have a month where I make a post a day. This month I messed up by missing the very first day. *sigh* I'm not good at regular blogging...I think I just need to come to terms with this.

- So I joined Weight Watchers almost two weeks ago. I wasn't sure if I wanted to talk about it here...but I kind of do, kind of don't. So far I'm liking it though and I lost 3 lbs my first week. I will say I'm a lot more serious about getting in shape for once and for all. I'm just tired of not feeling as good as I can. I'm way too young to feel this crappy all the time. That and my Dad had to have surgery to get a blockage removed from his heart when he was only 52. I'd really rather not have that or a heart attack thank you very much.

- Apparently according to Puxatony Phil (our offical groundhog in the US for you Auzzie readers) their will be six more weeks of winter. So does that mean their is six more weeks of summer for the southern hemisphere?

My latest crochet project is my Ugly Granny afghan. I found a book back in Dec at Half Price Books not only for $3, not only of crochet and knitting patterns, but the best part is the copyright is 1977. It has the most fabulously aweful Granny Sampler afghan. I love it. So I'm making it. (Much to Rob's horror)

Here is the progress so far:

Ugly Granny

Isn't it wonderful? This is the center medallion part. There are all sorts of blocks that go all around this middle and then a border around the whole thing.

- The above picture is also one more painful reminder that I really, really, really need to get a new digital camera. Come on tax return!
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I have one mitten to finish for my Mom's Birthday present, one sock to finish, and a dish cloth on the needles. I really should be finishing my Mom's mitten so I can send her present off...her birthday was only last November. I just can't bring myself to knit though.

I really want to crochet instead. I don't know why...it isn't so much project avoidance as much as knitting avoidance. Sometimes I just get this way. Bah.

I wonder if it has to do with my wrists. My wrists have really been bothering me lately. Just a bit stiff and sore. It goes away pretty quick at work though they feel very sore after I'm off work. The knitting seems to aggravate it a bit but crochet doesn't.


I probrably should go talk to the doctor about it...but I'm totally scared of hearing that it's the start of carpel tunnel.


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