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So my birthday is on Friday...making this my official Birthday Week tm. (Hey if you limit yourself to a day for your birthday it's not my fault)

I'm going to have to work on my birthday since I was off last monday for labor day. I just can't swing two days off in the same pay period. I know I'll totally be kicking myself later but I am getting off work early so that's good.

-[livejournal.com profile] princeshetheran and myself are going out on Wed for soaking at the Hot House spa, getting our toes done and then something delicious at Dilettante. If anyone had the day off on Wed and would like to join us just let me know and I'll let you in on the details. :) I think my fried Rebekah is coming too. I was hoping [livejournal.com profile] eckstacie was coming but she is just getting back from vacation and needs to work. Bah.

-Thursday I'm going out for a couple cocktails with some of the guys from work. Not sure where we are going yet (that will probrably be decided tonight) but will be some place in Belltown since none of us will want to go far after working. I'm kind of leaning toward checking out Hula Hula so I can get a nice pina colada. Not sure if I can convince the ladies (and guys) at work on that one. We may just head over to the cyclops or something. Yet again...if you want to meet up with us please come on out. We'll really only be out for a couple hours from about 9ish - 11ish but your free to come out.

Some people have been asking what I want for my birthday. (ok so really mainly Rob) Here is my birthday wish list for anyone who is interested:

1. Happy Hookers: I've wanted this book for a year now. For some reason I never seem to buy it. I think because I wasn't crocheting much at the time. Now that I am crocheting up a storm I really want this book.

2. Funky Shui : Dude it's called "Funky Shui" how do I not own this book already???

3. Art from friends. I just figured I'd mention this. Some people don't like getting "homemade" gifts. Personally I love them. I have some wonderfully talented friends and if any of them want to give me any of what they create I know I'll love it. :)

4. Pente: This is my favorite game ever. I have no idea what happened to my old copy...it just disapeared one day. I've been wanting a new copy ever since.

5. Black Christmas: This is not the questionable remake but the original. Also it is my most favorite Christmas movie. I had a long standing tradition of watching Black Christmas on Christmas day (the tradition also involved eating pizza and playing video games...). However I only have a copy on VHS and have really been meaning to get this on DVD so that tradition can go on. :)

Ya know I love posting these birthday wish lists on LJ. Not so much for the "buy me something" factor but because it is interesting to go back over past birthday posts and see how my wish lists change. :)


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