Feb. 2nd, 2010

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I just got done watching Rob Zombie's Halloween II. My review... eh.

Wasn't a total waste of time, got kind of boring in the middle, overall though I'd still rather watch the original.

Though it was pretty much what I expected since it was Rob Zombie's Halloween II. In other words would have half a chance of being a decent movie if Rob Zombie would ever learn that: 1) restraint and the implied horror to come is scarier (Though I give him credit he actually did hold back more than normal.) 2) your wife does not need to be in every movie you make. (Seriously...wtf with her and the horse?!)

Though I think we make movies announce who made the movie in the title for every movie. Then you would never have to worry about being disappointed again because you knew what you were in for before the movie even started.

For instance:

"Tim Burton's ..." : You will find both Johnny Depp and Helena Bohnam Carter if it is live action (and most likely one if not both of them even if it's animated), there will be lots of stripes, heads larger than the bodies, the story may be good (or not) but won't really matter because you will be sucked into the look of the film. You will find merchandise from the film at Hot Topic.

"James Cameron's..." : The story line won't be bad so much as totally predictable and feel the need to be moraly superior and preachy about a subject that everyone should know anyways (i.e. - colonializm is wrong!). Though it will be visually action packed and stunning so you won't even notice the movie plot actually could have been summed up in 10 minutes.

"Micheal Bay's..." : Just turn off the sound and watch things blow up in a really cool way. No need to worry about whether it's in THX or not...though HD would probably be a plus.

I'm telling you it would take some of the quess work out of movie reviewing...


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